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Patch 2.0p2 for dSPACE Release 2.0

Patch 2.0p2 for dSPACE Release 2.0, Build-No. 1999040901, corrects the following problems:

  • The CAN interrupt block of the DS1103 CAN Blockset is not supported properly; all CAN interrupts are disabled permanently.
  • RTI CAN Blockset for DS4302 offers a choice of transceiver types. For RS485 and C252 transceivers, the code generation of RTI CAN Blockset 1.0 uses wrong macro definitions.
  • With ControlDesk in Animation mode, the DSP application exhibited strange behavior in some cases.
  • The RTI build process hangs if subsystem names contain trailing blanks.

The patch diskette also contains an update of the DS1103 CAN Firmware 1.0. This update has to be performed by hand.

If you use one or more of these products from CD 2.0, it is recommended that you install Patch 2.0p2. Please remember that you have to reinstall the patch after reinstalling dSPACE software.

NOTE: Do not use this patch for releases other than those stated in the header. If in doubt, make sure that the Build-No. given matches your CD Build-No.

Preparing Patch 2.0p2

  1. Download Patch 2.0p2 and save it to your hard disk.
  2. Label an empty disk 'Patch 2.0p2 for dSPACE Release 2.0' and insert it in drive a:
  3. Invoke 20p2.exe and click Unzip. The default destination is a:\. The patch is extracted to the disk in drive a:. Write-protect the disk.

Installing the Patch for RTK, RTI CAN, ControlDesk, RTI
Before you can install the patch you must have installed the dSPACE software you want to patch and rebooted your system. You also need to close MATLAB® before invoking the patch.

  1. Insert the disk labeled 2.0p2 in drive a:
  2. Invoke install.bat from the disk. The patch is installed.
  3. Rebuild your applications or models.
After installing the patch, you can check which products were altered using Show Versions. In the Windows menu, choose Programs - dSPACE Tools - Show Versions.

Installing the DS1103 CAN Firmware Update
To update the DS1103 CAN firmware, follow the steps below. NOTE: Before updating the firmware make sure that your DS1103 is registered.

  1. Start ControlDesk.
  2. In the Navigator window, select the Hardware tab. If you do not see the Navigator window, select the Navigator command in the View menu.
  3. Select the DS1103 board.
  4. Select Hardware - Application - Load Application.
  5. Open PPC file DS1103CAN_FW1_1_Prg.ppc in the DS1103_CAN_1.1 directory on the patch diskette.
After a successful run of the DS1103 CAN flash programmer, you will see the following messages in ControlDesk LogViewer:
Flash update started (1.try). (100)
Reading firmware version (1.try). (101)
Writing of flash (1.try). (102)
Erasing started. (103)
Erasing finished. (104)
Flash programming started. (105)
Flash programming finished. (106)
Verify started. (107)
Verify ok. (108)
CAN firmware update (Ver. 1.1) finished. (109)
Application terminated. (8)

20p2.exe (448KB)

Date 2017-06-26
Product ControlDesk, RCP and HIL Software, Real-Time Interface (RTI)
Information Type Patches
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release Prior to 2013-A