CalDesk 1.3p2

Problems Fixed by This Patch
Installation Notes & Download



This patch can only be installed on an existing CalDesk 1.3 installation.


Problems Fixed by This Patch

new Feature in CalDesk 1.3p2
CalDesk 1.3p2 introduces support for DS1005-12 and DS1401-18 with new FLASH memory components.

Problems already fixed in CalDesk 1.3p1

  • DCI-GSI Device
    Problem with Calibration_Method FixedSizeMoveableEmuRAM using addresses >= 0x 4000 000.
  • XCPonUSB
    Additional USB controllers on ECU side supported.
    Contact for further information.
  • MCD3 Demo Scripts
    Error concerning project names.
  • FormulaManager
    Error on Non-English versions of the operating system.



Installation Notes & Download

Administrative privileges are required to run the setup program of CalDesk 1.3p2.
CalDesk1.3p2_Update.exe (10 MB)
dSPACE_MC3Client1.3p1_Setup.exe (4.7 MB) *

* You can automate or remote-control CalDesk via a client PC using the CalDesk Automation Module with the ASAM-MCD 3 (DCOM) interface. In this case you must install this client software on the client PC.

When using this patch, it is mandatory to install also a patch for DS1005-12 and MicroAutoBox DS1401-18
regardless of which DS1005 or MicroAutoBox hardware version is actually used.

Date 2007-11-14
Software Type Experiment and Visualization Software, ECU Interface Software
Information Type Patches
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release Prior to 2013-A
Keywords CalDesk

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