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Guidelines for using Model Referencing with TargetLink

This application note is intended for TargetLink users who want to use Model Referencing in combiantion with TargetLink. It discusses

  • when to use Model Referencing and when not,
  • the advantages and disadvantages of Model Referencing,
  • how to convert existing subsystems to referenced models, and
  • how to handle the limitations, drawbacks and pitfalls that come with Model Referencing.

Although the document addresses some workflow issues it does not handle the TargetLink features for distributed development. If you need information regarding those features, please refer to the TargetLink documentation.

Please note

This material is available for registered customers with additional permission for TargetLink Support Information only. If you are already registered please logon with your mydSPACE ID and passphrase in order to download this material. If you are not yet registered, use these links for registration and managing your permissions

Date 2012-09-15
Software Type Production Code Generation Software
Product TargetLink
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