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Simulink Signal Builder Plug-in

The SYNECT Test Management Simulink Signal Builder Plug-in demonstrates the capabilities of the SYNECT Test Management Python Plug-in in the use case of  automated MATLAB/Simulink test cases. This use case uses exemplarily Signalbuilder sequences as input for the standard MATLAB PowerWindow model. This demonstration is a customization of the generic SYNECT Test Management Python Plug-in. With the Simulink Signal Builder Plug-in, the user can import Signal Builder tests in SYNECT Test Management and execute the imported tests from SYNECT Test Management.

SYNECT Version Download Revision Date Revision
2.4 SimulinkSignalBuilderPlugin-2.4.addonz 2018-06-01 2.4
2.2 SimulinkSignalBuilderPlugin-2.2.addonz 2017-03-22 2.2
2.1 2016-07-28 5.0
2.0 and 2.0.1 2016-03-22  4.0
1.5 2014-12-09 3.0
2014-09-08 2.1
2014-03-07 1.0

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Date 2018-06-01
Software Type Data Management Software
Topics of Interest MATLAB
Product SYNECT
Information Type Software Demos
Information Category Working with
dSPACE Release SYNECT Release, 2017-B , 2016-B