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University of Victoria’s EcoCAR Team

The University of Victoria’s (UVic) EcoCAR 2 Team uses a combined ASM engine and ASM vehicle dynamics model called the “dSPACE Virtual Vehicle” to simulate their hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) architecture for controls development. 


This HEV architecture incorporates a 2.4 L E85-fueled internal combustion engine with BAS+ assistance from an 80-kW TM4 motor and rear traction from a Magna E-Drive motor-gearbox assembly. This architecture is labeled “All-Wheel-Drive Series-Parallel Plug-in Electric Vehicle,” and will be controlled at a supervisory level via a dSPACE MicroAutobox II (1401/1505/1507) controller.

dSPACE’s ASM software has benefited UVic by providing high fidelity dynamic and component-specific subsystems to integrate advanced supervisory control into their HEV design process, all while granting simplified interfacing capabilities between the plant model and controller.