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Research Projects

Short description of selected research projects that are being carried out with the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM).

dSPACE is actively involved in pioneering research projects, supporting researchers with products and expertise. The Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) are an important basis for research tasks in the fields of driver assistance systems, combustion engines, batteries and electrical systems. 


The Hy-Nets project is a novel approach using vehicular communication for improving the resource and energy efficiency of connected hybrid cars. 


The intelligent fusion of sensor data will enable the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) of the future to correctly perceive vehicles' environments.

Real-time Power-train Models for Fuel Economy Simulation

In today's world, alternative forms of vehicle propulsion, like for hybrid or electric vehicles, offer ways to meet the growing need to protect the climate and save fossil fuel resources.

Toolbox Speichersysteme

Toolbox Speichersysteme (”Energy Storage Toolbox”) is a new development environment for designing, simulating and testing electrical energy storage systems.