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Relevant MathWorks® and dSPACE Tools

Tools for System Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, and More


  • MATLAB® is an integrated development environment for numeric computations, with a large library of mathematical analysis techniques. Application-specific toolboxes are also available.
  • Simulink® is integrated into MATLAB as an interactive environment for modeling, analyzing, and simulating. You can create models based on block diagrams via drag & drop.
  • Stateflow® extends Simulink with options for implementing state charts.
  • Simulink Coder™ (formerly Real-Time Workshop® and StateflowCoder®) automatically generates C code from Simulink block diagrams and Stateflow systems as well as from TargetLink models. Together with dSPACE’s Real-Time Interface and/or ConfigurationDesk (for SCALEXIO hardware), Simulink Coder provides a seamless transition from your block diagram to dSPACE’s real-time hardware. You can also use it to integrate Simulink models in SystemDesk.
  • TargetLink, the production code generator from dSPACE, comes with its own blockset, a subset of Simulink that is highly suitable for modeling control functions.
  • With ConfigurationDesk, it is easy to implement the real-time code for behavior models (from MATLAB/Simulink/Simulink Coder) and the I/O function code (configured in ConfigurationDesk) on dSPACE SCALEXIO hardware.
  • SystemDesk is a software architecture tool supporting the development of distributed automotive electrics/electronics (E/E) systems and subsystems.

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