Off-the-shelf HIL simulator with up to 12 height units SCALEXIO Rack Overview




Processing Hardware
Experiment and Visualization Software
Automotive Simulation Models
Data Management Software
ECU Interface Software

Implementation Software ConfigurationDesk for SCALEXIO

Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE SCALEXIO hardware

ConfigurationDesk is an intuitive, graphical configuration and implementation tool, ideal for handling large HIL real-time applications based on SCALEXIO hardware, and for implementing behavior models and I/O function code on SCALEXIO hardware. ConfigurationDesk provides a clearly arranged overview of the external devices (e.g., ECUs), configured SCALEXIO channels, and the connected behavior models. 

  • Configure real-time applications graphically
  • Manage signal paths between external devices and behavior model interfaces
  • Implement behavior model code and I/O function code


Implementation Software Bus Manager

Configuration tool for LIN, CAN, and CAN FD bus simulation

The dSPACE Bus Manager is a powerful tool for configuring bus communication for simulation purposes, e.g., restbus simulation, and for implementing the bus communication in real-time applications for dSPACE SCALEXIO systems. It supports different bus systems, such as LIN, CAN, and CAN FD. 

  • One configuration tool for different bus systems
  • Work with several communication matrices for one configuration
  • Customizable restbus configuration with tool automation interface 


Implementation Software RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset

For combining dSPACE systems with CAN communication networks

The RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset is an extension for Real-Time Interface and can be used for combining dSPACE systems with CAN communication networks and for configuring these CAN networks.

  • Ideal for handling complex CAN setups
  • Convenient configuration of CAN setups and database file import (DBC, FIBEX, AUTOSAR)
  • J1939 support, CAN FD support, Partial networking support


Implementation Software RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset

For combining dSPACE systems with LIN communication networks

The RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset is an extension for Real-Time Interface and can be used for combining dSPACE systems with LIN communication networks and for configuring these LIN networks.

  • Convenient configuration of LIN setups for rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Database file import (LDF, DBC, FIBEX, AUTOSAR)
  • LIN raw data access


Implementation Software dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package

Configuring dSPACE systems in FlexRay networks

The dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package is used to integrate dSPACE hardware as simulation or monitoring nodes in a FlexRay network.

  • For rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulation, including restbus
  • Blockset for creating application-specific Simulink® models
  • Protocol data unit (PDU) support


Implementation Software Ethernet Blocksets

Overview of Ethernet implementation software

With its Ethernet blocksets, dSPACE enables the real-time simulation of service-oriented communication in Ethernet networks of electronic control units (ECUs). These networks play an important role in modern driver assistance systems, new comfort and entertainment functions, and numerous other functionalities.

  • Connecting dSPACE real-time systems to Ethernet networks and devices
  • Conveniently configuring Ethernet setups
  • For rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation


Implementation Software Ethernet Configuration Package

With the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package, you can configure a dSPACE system as a simulation node in a service-oriented Ethernet network.

  • Enables the simulation of service-oriented, event-based Ethernet communication in real-time systems
  • Supports SOME/IP middleware
  • Supports FIBEX 4 communication descriptions


Implementation Software EMH Solution for SCALEXIO

Processor based simulation of electric drives

The SCALEXIO EMH Solution provides a comprehensive ConfigurationDesk I/O library for the processor-based HIL simulation of electric drives.  

  • Processor-based simulation
  • Predefined function blocks
  • Ideal for PWM and PSS applications


Experiment and Visualization Software ControlDesk

Universal modular experiment and instrumentation software for electronic control unit (ECU) development

ControlDesk is the dSPACE experiment software for seamless ECU development. It performs all the necessary tasks and gives you a single working environment, from the start of experimentation right to the end.

  • Integrated ECU calibration, measurement and diagnostics access
    (CCP, XCP, ODX)
  • Synchronized data capture across ECUs, RCP and HIL platforms, and bus systems
  • Powerful layouting, instrumentation, measurement and post-processing (ASAM MDF)


Experiment and Visualization Software MotionDesk

3-D Online Animation of Simulated Mechanical Systems in Real Time

dSPACE MotionDesk is a 3-D online animation software application that visualizes the results of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations for ECU tests. MotionDesk supports hardware simulation platforms from dSPACE, such as SCALEXIO and DS1006. The tool also supports offline simulation based on dSPACE VEOS and Simulink®. Recently, new features for developing and testing ADAS scenarios were added. These include camera sensor simulation during which MotionDesk video data is fed directly to the camera ECU and ideal point-cloud sensor models for the development of radar and lidar sensors.

  • Supports testing of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Tight integration to ModelDesk and ASM
  • Intuitive graphical scene design


Test Automation Software AutomationDesk

Powerful test authoring and automation tool

With AutomationDesk, tests can be executed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, letting engineers increase test coverage and improve ECU software quality while saving time and costs.

  • Graphical description of test routines
  • Advanced custom library concept
  • Remote control of calibration, measurement and diagnostic tools, such as ControlDesk


Test Automation Software Real-Time Testing

Python-based real-time test automation

Python-based test automation – 100% reproducible real-time tests executed synchronously with simulation model

  • Real-time testing without model modification
  • Easy integration into user-defined test frameworks (AutomationDesk or others)
  • Support of all dSPACE platforms1) including VEOS, dSPACE’s platform for PC-based offline simulation

1) Except DS1104.


Test Automation Software Real-Time Testing Observer Library

Real-Time Validation of Safety-Critical Requirements

With the Real-Time Testing (RTT) Observer Library, you can take requirement observers (Real-Time Testing Observers) that were generated with BTC EmbeddedSpecifier® and execute them on dSPACE platforms. This lets you validate safety-critical requirements through continuous monitoring.

  • Real-time validation for supplementing classic test methods
  • Greater test depth for safety-critical applications
  • Optimal integration and cross-platform use


Test Automation Software Platform API Package

Application programming interfaces for connecting to dSPACE platforms

The Platform API Package is a set of libraries to access dSPACE real-time platforms and dSPACE VEOS. It provides a convenient way to download and start/stop models and also gives high-level access to the model variables for reading, writing, stimulating, capturing, etc. 

  • Package containing automation libraries for accessing dSPACE systems
  • High-level libraries for convenient platform management and simulation model access
  • Compliant to ASAM XIL API standard 


Experiment and Visualization Software Failure Simulation Package

Interface to dSPACE Failure Insertion Units

  • Automation libraries and graphical user interface for dSPACE Failure Insertion Units (FIUs)
  • ASAM XIL API EESPort-compliant implementation
  • Flexible integration into user-defined test frameworks based on Python, C# or any other .NET-compliant language


Automotive Simulation Models Automotive Simulation Models

Real-Time Models for Vehicle Development

ASM is a tool suite for simulating combustion engines, vehicle dynamics, electric components, and the traffic environment. The open Simulink models are used for model-based function development and in ECU tests on a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator.

  • Open MATLAB®/Simulink® model
  • HIL simulation with dSPACE Simulator
  • Offline simulation with dSPACE VEOS and MATLAB/Simulink
  • Turn-key solutions and worldwide support


ECU Interface Software ECU Interface Manager

Preparation of functions of existing ECU code for ECU interfacing

The ECU Interface Manager as part of the ECU Interface Base Package allows you to easily prepare functions of your existing ECU code for ECU interfacing. Along with the Binary Code Management Module, it is capable of applying the required modifications automatically on the basis of the original binary code. For convenient handling, the ECU Interface Manager offers an easy-to-understand, list-based view and, for more complex preparation tasks, also a comprehensive structural visualization of the ECU application (e.g., function calls, variable accesses, conditional areas).


Data Management Software SYNECT

Data management software

SYNECT is a data management and collaboration software tool with a special focus on model-based development and ECU testing. It helps you handle models, signals, parameters, tests, test results, etc., as well as their dependencies, versions and variants, and the underlying requirements throughout the entire development process. The open API lets you integrate SYNECT in existing IT infrastructures and workflows.

  • Complete traceability between requirements, models, parameters, and test cases
  • Integrated variant management
  • Direct connection to engineering tools


Processing Hardware SCALEXIO Processing Unit

Product lines for high core performance and high parallel performance

SCALEXIO Processing Units are ideal for high-performance applications with complex models with a large amount of I/O. The unit can be installed in a SCALEXIO rack or used on a desk.

  • Two versions available: for high core performance and for high parallel performance
  • High-performance host interface
  • SCALEXIO connectable to DS100x-based HIL Systems


I/O Hardware DS6101 Multi-I/O Board

SCALEXIO I/O board with signal conditioning for automotive systems

The DS6101 provides a large variety of I/O functions and can be used to generate and measure typical automotive signals. This makes the DS6101 ideal for applications with extensive I/O requirements.

  • 69 channels for comprehensive I/O functions
  • Signal conditioning for signal levels of 12-V, 24-V, and 48-V automotive systems
  • Ideally suited for engine, powertrain, and vehicle dynamics applications 


I/O Hardware DS6201 Digital I/O Board

SCALEXIO I/O board with 96 bidirectional digital I/O channels

The DS6201 provides a large number of digital I/O channels that can all be configured as input or output channels. The available I/O functions cover digital, PWM, and PFM functions for automotive projects, such as the development and testing of body electronics ECUs.

  • 96 channels for high channel count requirements
  • Signal conditioning up to 60 V
  • Measures and generates automotive signals and TTL signals


I/O Hardware DS6202 Digital I/O Board

SCALEXIO I/O board for generating and capturing digital signals

The DS6202 provides precise bidirectional digital I/O channels and comprehensive I/O functions, making it ideal for various application areas, such as renewable energy, electric drives control, robotics, and mechanical test benches. 

  • 32 software-configurable bidirectional channels
  • Minimum pulse width 24 ns (time resolution 8 ns)
  • Support of 3.3 V, 5 V TTL, and RS-485 signal levels


I/O Hardware DS6221 A/D Board

Fast SCALEXIO A/D Board for precise measurements

The DS6221 A/D Board provides 16 high-speed analog channels, versatile trigger capabilities, and a high-throughput streaming interface. It is an excellent choice for precise measurements, even of fast analog signal sequences.  

  • 16 differential A/D channels
  • 250 ns conversion time (4 Msps) and 16-bit resolution
  • Versatile trigger capabilities 


DS6241 D/A Board


I/O Hardware DS2655 FPGA Base Board

SCALEXIO I/O board with user-programmable FPGA

The DS2655 provides a user-programmable FPGA and has been designed for applications that require very fast, high-resolution signal processing. It is ideal for implementing signal preprocessing and control algorithms, simulation models with fast sample rates or specific I/O interfaces to optimize support for processor applications. You can also transfer simulation models and control algorithms that normally run on the processor to the FPGA, in part or as a whole.  

  • User-programmable FPGA
  • Flexible board for special I/O solutions
  • Up to 5 piggyback modules for I/O can be added


I/O Hardware DS6301 CAN/LIN Board

By supporting CAN and LIN networks on one board, the DS6301 is tailored to typical applications for automotive projects.  

  • Support of ISO and non-ISO CAN FD
  • ​Low power modes and partial networking
  • Software-configurable termination and CAN feedthrough mode


DS6311 FlexRay Board

SCALEXIO I/O board for connecting simulators to FlexRay bus systems

The DS6311 provides four FlexRay controllers for a SCALEXIO system.

  • Four fully featured FlexRay controllers
  • Every controller provides an A and a B channel
  • Wake-up on FlexRay support 


DS6331-PE Ethernet Board

Additional Ethernet ports for the SCALEXIO Processing Unit

The DS6331-PE provides additional Gigabit Ethernet controllers for the SCALEXIO Processing Unit.

  • For automotive Ethernet use cases
  • Provides 4 independent Ethernet ports on one board
  • 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, and 1 Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces 


DS6332-CS Ethernet Board


DS6341 CAN Board

SCALEXIO I/O board for connecting simulators to CAN bus systems

The DS6341 provides four CAN/CAN FD channels for a SCALEXIO system. 

  • Four independent CAN/CAN FD channels
  • Support of ISO and non-ISO CAN FD
  • Software-configurable termination 


DS6351 LIN Board

SCALEXIO I/O board for connecting simulators to LIN bus systems

The DS6351 provides eight independent LIN channels for a SCALEXIO system. 

  • Eight LIN channels with LIN master and slave support
  • All channels are independent
  • Software-configurable termination 


I/O Hardware DS2601 Signal Measurement Board

HighFlex board for measuring ECU output signals

The DS2601 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. It provides current and voltage measurement during HIL tests of ECUs. The DS2601 can be equipped with onboard loads or external loads via a second connector.  

  • Channel bundling to increase current carrying capacity
  • On-board failure routing unit
  • Galvanically isolated channels 


I/O Hardware DS2621 Signal Generation Board

HighFlex board for simulating ECU input signals

The DS2621 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. It provides signal generation for simulating voltages, currents, resistances, and switches during HIL tests of ECUs. Its current and voltage range can be increased by bundling up to 10 channels.  

  • Channel bundling to increase output voltage
  • On-board failure routing unit
  • Galvanically isolated channels


I/O Hardware DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board

HighFlex board for power-switching with Failure Insertion Unit

The DS2642 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. It provides a central Failure Insertion Unit and power switches for HIL tests of ECUs.  

  • Central Failure Insertion Unit (FIU) for the failure system
  • Switched battery voltage
  • High-precision current measurement on each channel



I/O Hardware DS2671 Bus Board

HighFlex board for connecting to different bus systems

The DS2671 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. With its freely configurable channels, the DS2671 can serve different bus systems for one ECU.  

  • Supports CAN, LIN, and FlexRay bus systems
  • 4 flexibly configurable channels
  • Onboard failure routing unit


I/O Hardware DS2680 I/O Unit

MultiCompact unit for powertrain and vehicle dynamics scenarios

The DS2680 I/O Unit is a MultiCompact unit for the SCALEXIO system that provides all the I/O channels required for the hardware-in-the-loop simulation of transmission or vehicle dynamics ECUs. 


  • 140 channels for extensive I/O functions
  • Compact half 19" unit
  • Provides all basic functionalities for HIL tests


I/O Hardware DS2690 Digital I/O Board

MultiCompact board for vehicle body scenarios

The DS2690 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators for signal measurement as well as signal generation. It provides digital I/O channels, such as Digital In, PWM In, Digital Out, and PWM Out. 

  • 30 digital I/O channels
  • Onboard failure routing unit
  • Attractive price


I/O Hardware DS2907 Battery Simulation Controller

Power supply control for battery simulation

The DS2907 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. It controls the current and voltage values of the battery simulation power supply.  

  • Supports different power supply units for battery simulation
  • Wiring simplified by adapter


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO Interface Solution for ARINC 429

Connection to an ARINC 429 network

The SCALEXIO Interface Solution for ARINC 429 enables the connection of a dSPACE real-time system to an ARINC 429 network.


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO Interface Solution for ARINC 664 and AFDX®

Connection to an ARINC 664 or AFDX network.

The SCALEXIO Interface Solution for ARINC 664 and AFDX® enables the connection of a dSPACE real-time system to an ARINC 664 or AFDX network.


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO Interface Solution for MIL-STD-1553

Connection to an MIL-STD-1553 network

The SCALEXIO Interface Solution for MIL-STD-1553 enables the connection of a dSPACE real-time system to an MIL-STD-1553 network.


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO Fieldbus Solution

Connecting a SCALEXIO system to various fieldbus types

The SCALEXIO Fieldbus Solution lets you connect a SCALEXIO real-time system to PROFIBUS and EtherCAT networks. All interfaces are based on PCIe cards to provide the optimal bandwidth to the real-time model. Specially developed device drivers ensure real-time simulation capability.  

  • Master and slave support
  • Cyclic data exchange by selectable bus cycle time
  • Specific settings performed in software 


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO Serial Interface Solution

Using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) bus

The SCALEXIO Serial Interface Solution lets you connect a SCALEXIO real-time system to an SPI and I2C bus. The solution can be used as decentralized I/O.  

  • Use of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Additional custom I/O function
  • Interface parameterization via software


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution

Synchronous load motor control for test benches with dSPACE SCALEXIO

The SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution makes it possible to control multiple electrical drives synchronously with a SCALEXIO system.

  • Perfect synchronicity with the test bench, even for complex HIL simulations
  • High-performance, low-latency connection, range of up to 100 m
  • Decentral use possible, no own processing unit needed


Chassis SCALEXIO Rack System

Off-the-shelf HIL simulator with up to 12 height units

The SCALEXIO rack system is very flexible due to extensive I/O features. All hardware is software-configurable, making it easy to adapt the system to changing project requirements.  

  • HIL simulator for a wide range of applications
  • Failure insertion unit
  • Integrated signal conditioning 


I/O Hardware SCALEXIO Ethernet Boards

Additional Ethernet ports for SCALEXIO Processing Unit and SCALEXIO LabBox

The SCALEXIO Ethernet boards provide additional Ethernet interfaces to the SCALEXIO Processing Unit or the SCALEXIO LabBox. Boards that offer native BroadR-Reach support and an integrated Ethernet switch are available for both platforms, and they can be configured via modules.

  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet interfaces
  • 100/1000 Mbit/s automotive Ethernet interfaces
  • Integrated Ethernet switch