Real-Time Testing Observer Library

Real-Time Validation of Safety-Critical Requirements

With the Real-Time Testing (RTT) Observer Library, you can take requirement observers (Real-Time Testing Observers) that were generated with BTC EmbeddedSpecifier® and execute them on dSPACE platforms. This lets you validate safety-critical requirements through continuous monitoring.

Application Areas

Safety-critical applications are common in many kinds of fields, such as automotives, aerospace, medical engineering, and manufacturing. Even when complexity is high, the functionality needs to be guaranteed and formally validated as, for example, recommended by the ISO 26262 standard for testing the functional safety of road vehicles. By using the Real-Time Testing (RTT) Observer Library, you can use requirement observers that were created with BTC EmbeddedSpecifier® on dSPACE platforms to continuously monitor your requirements.

Key Benefits

By integrating the RTT Observer Library and BTC EmbeddedSpecifier in the dSPACE tool chain, you can supplement any existing model-in-the-loop (MIL), software-in-the-loop (SIL) or hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) environment to continuously validate safety-critical requirements in real-time. This combination of test methods increases the achievable test depth enormously, within the same amount of time. The optimal integration into the dSPACE tool chain for HIL and virtual validation lets you work comfortably in a familiar environment.

  • Execution of RTT Observers, generated by BTC EmbeddedSpecifier®, on dSPACE platforms
  • Continuous validation of requirements during test scenarios
  • RTT Observers can be added to the running model execution as independent routines. Recompilations of the model are not necessary.
Setup package (additionally provided with RTT Observer Library license)
  • ControlDesk layout generator
  • AutomationDesk test template
  • BTC Observer Simulink® block
  • Product documentation
  • Demo files
Supported dSPACE platforms
1) MC/MP support limited to observers that operate on core-local variables.


This solution for continuously monitoring safety-critical requirements uses a combination of various tools, which can vary from application to application. This involves any of the following tools:

  • Real-Time Testing Observer Library – Take requirement observers generated with BTC EmbeddedSpecifier® and execute them on dSPACE platforms.
  • BTC EmbeddedSpecifier®  – Transfer informal requirements into a formal representation and then into requirement observers, even without expert know-how. This formal, tool-supported method also increases the quality of the requirements.
  • dSPACE platform – SCALEXIO or VEOS – the right platform for each test phase.
  • ControlDesk – The universal, modular experiment and instrumentation software. RTT Observer-specific layouts and the ability to load, start, and stop observers lets you monitor the state of each requirement throughout the entire execution. If any requirement is violated, this is shown directly in the layout.
  • AutomationDesk – The powerful tool for test authoring and automation. The monitored requirements are checked in line with the defined test workflow. The test reports also include the results from the observers, so it is easy to trace the reasons for any requirement violations.

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