High-Quality Production Code Generation

Why Code Quality Counts

Compared to code used in rapid control prototyping, where developers need to have a lot of freedom when testing new concepts, production code for electronic controls in vehicles, planes, and for any other real-use industrial application needs to fulfill very strict requirements in terms of quality. For example, developers have to be sure that the code is highly optimized, that it can be easily integrated with other software, that it is readable in the present and in the future to ensure maintainability, that all connections between requirements, model and code are clear and comprehensible, and that the code fulfills the relevant standards. In short: topmost reliability, efficiency, security, maintainability, traceability, and – concerning the generation process – reproduceability (i.e., the same model leads to the same code) is required.

TargetLink for High-Quality Production Code

The production code generator dSPACE TargetLink is an extremely powerful software system which ensures that your code always achieves superior quality – and it does so while letting you take your individual requirements and the relevant standards into account. Despite TargetLink’s comprehensive features, the typical steps in generating your production code are easy to follow, with many options to fit the process to your individual environment. Typical steps include the control design, the iterative validation and verification (based on simulation), and the code integration on the ECU. Furthermore, TargetLink interacts smoothly with other tools from dSPACE and with tools from other vendors, which together form the TargetLink Ecosystem.

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