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Intuitive Failure Insertion and Simulation

Definition of various error sets with the XIL API EESPort GUI in ControlDesk.

The XIL API EESPort (Electrical Error Simulation port) GUI replaces ControlDesk Next Generation´s Failure Simulation Module1). It not only provides for a convenient control of electrical failure insertion hardware (via the XIL API EESPort server), it also allows for an interactive graphical configuration of error sets and error configurations (equivalent to failure patterns) directly from ControlDesk as the XIL API EESPort client. By complying with the ASAM XIL API standard, this solution offers uniform support for all dSPACE SCALEXIO and PHS Failure Insertion Units (FIU). 


  • Graphical user interface for interactive handling of electrical error simulation compliant to ASAM AE XIL API standard (EESPort)
  • Creation of error configurations, error sets and errors
  • Performing electrical error simulation (like downloading and activating error configurations, and triggering of error sets)
  • Covers dSPACE SCALEXIO, dSPACE Simulators Mid-Size and Full-Size
  • Convenient and uniform use of XIL API Error Configurations and Error Sets across different types of failure insertion units
  • Support for FIU tracing of activated XIL API EESPort error sets
  • Enhanced controlbar for more convenient filtering of error types
  • Extended automation support
  • Requires the Failure Simulation Package

1) The Failure Simulation Module is discontinued as a separate product. Its functionality, the CDNG_FS GUI and its tool automation, will be available as part of the Failure Simulation Package until Release 2016-A.

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