ASM Trailer

Trailer Model for Cars and Trucks

ASM Trailer is used to simulate cars, pickups and tractor-trailers.

Application Area

ASM Trailer is an extension to the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package. It is based on a multibody system consisting of a trailer body, an arbitrary number of axles and an optional dolly. The model also includes suspensions, tires, brakes and aerodynamics. The connection to the towing vehicle is provided via a hitch that includes mechanical stops. The trailer and all axles can be activated or deactivated during simulation without new code generation.


Key Benefits

All of the Simulink blocks in the model are visible, so it is easy to add or replace components with custom models to adapt the vehicle’s properties perfectly to individual projects. The ASMs’ standardized interfaces allow the vehicle dynamics model to be easily expanded to meet specific requirements or even create a virtual vehicle. Roads and driving maneuvers can be created intuitively by using graphical tools with preview and clear visualization All parameters can be altered during run time.

Offline and Online Simulation

The ASM Trailer can be used in combination with real controllers in a hardware-in-the-loop environment (HIL, online mode), or for simulating a vehicle in combination with software controller algorithms together with dSPACE VEOS (PC, offline mode). The model comes in three different versions and license types for online and offline simulation: ASM Developer, ASM Operator, and ASM Runtime. They support either code generation via MathWorks´ Real-Time Workshop® and dSPACE’s RTI, or come as run-time models with precompiled code.

Components and Characteristics

  • Modular multibody system (MBS)
  • Trailer body
  • „„Arbitrary number of axles (all axles steerable)
  • Dolly extension for full trailer simulation
  • Tire models TMEasy and Magic Formula
  • Table-based suspension
  • Ball-joint hitch (including mechanical stops)
  • Brakes
  • Aerodynamics
  • Additional loads
  • Graphical parameterization in ModelDesk

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