Scenario Editor

The Scenario Editor is used to define where and how dynamic objects, such as vehicles, pedestrians, etc. move on the road network. These types of scenarios include an EGO vehicle and optionally an unlimited number of fellow vehicles. Scenarios can be created for vehicle dynamics simulation and traffic simulation or a combination of both. Scenarios can be as simple as following a predefined road profile with route definitions or they can be complex traffic situations with a large number of vehicles, pedestrians, etc. on complex road networks. With its UML-like approach, the Scenario Editor lets you create sophisticated diagrams with good clarity. Therefore, it is the ideal tool for defining test scenarios for automated driving.

Main Features

  • Definition of driving and traffic scenarios on road networks
  • Scenario segment definition by distance or time
  • Lane driving and lane change definitions
  • Easy-to-use fellow vehicle activity definitions
  • Definition of steering and pedal stimuli or driver-based maneuvers
  • Standard maneuvers included (NCAPs, lane change, μ-split, steady-state cornering, fish hook, etc.)
  • Lateral and longitudinal stimuli can be imported from measured data (MAT files)
  • Programmable user output signals using time or distance
  • Overview and detailed views


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