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Maneuver Editor

The Maneuver Editor in ModelDesk defines how and where a vehicle moves on a virtual road. It supports definitions of simple maneuvers that follow the road, up to complex maneuvers that consist of several segments, each with its own properties. Moreover, the vehicle can be stimulated laterally (e.g., via sine or pulse steering) and longitudinally, by using time- or distance-based speed profiles. Standard maneuvers like fish hook, step steer, double lane change, etc. are available. For intuitive definition, the Maneuver Editor graphically displays the road on which the maneuver is executed. Road and maneuver files can be linked.

Main Features

  • Steering specifications for the vehicle under test
  • Maneuver segment definition over distance or time
  • Maneuvers assembled from individual maneuver segments
  • Open- and closed-loop maneuvers
  • Standard maneuvers included (lane change, µ split, steady state cornering, etc.)
  • Lateral/longitudinal stimuli can be imported from measured data (MAT files)
  • Lateral/longitudinal stimuli can be received as Simulink® or ControlDesk® signals
  • User output signals programmable over time or distance
  • Optional switching from one segment to the next regulated by segment end conditions such as a specific speed