JMAG-RT Parameterization Support for ASM

JMAG is a graphical development tool for electromechanical design that can be used to define the key characteristics of electric motors.
JMAG-RT now supports ASM Electric Components. With the tool’s new export feature, you can export the detailed characteristics of an E-motor as ASM parameter files to parameterize the ASM electric motor models.


  • Graphical definition of motor characteristics
  • ASM-compatible export of motor characteristics
  • Easy and precise parameterization of the ASM electric motor models


1. Defining E-motor characteristics.

Step 1: Enter the specifications.
Step 2: Click just one button.
Step 3: JMAG outputs the fundamental characteristics.

Output: torque, efficiency, copper loss, iron loss, inductance, torque constant


2. Exporting characteristics to ASM Electric Components.

3. Simulation results

The real-time-capable ASM Electric Components are parameterized via the JMAG-RT data export to simulate the dynamic behavior represented in the detailed JMAG models.

Information about JMAG

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