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TargetLink® 2.2

Feature Description

Model-based design for AUTOSAR ECUs

  • TargetLink’s new AUTOSAR Blockset is for specifying AUTOSAR's structural elements, such as runnable entities, ports, etc..
  • Code generation for AUTOSAR software components (SW-Cs).
  • Export of software component descriptions to implement the generated SW-Cs in AUTOSAR run-time environments (RTE).

Function interfaces with pointers to structures

  • TargetLink 2.2 now also supports pointers to structures in the function signature, which is particularly efficient where there are a large number of function parameters and which improves the structuring of the generated code.

TOM and TSM extensions

New modules for TargetLink 2.2 include
  • processor-optimized code generation (TOM) for MPC55xx/Diab.
  • target simulation (TSM) for TC1766/Tasking and S12X/Metrowerks.

More flexible code generation

  • TargetLink’s numerous code generation options have been extended, for example, with regard to variant coding, and by access functions for structures and bitfields. Further Code Generator settings can be made in a convenient user interface.

Extended modeling options

  • TargetLink 2.2 not only allows numerous blocks to inherit properties, it also supports bus-capable blocks and nested graphical functions.

Multi-edit functionality in the Data Dictionary Manager

  • The properties of multiple data dictionary objects such as variables can now be modified simultaneously, which greatly simplifies the handling of large data volumes with the Data Dictionary Manager.

Requirements Management Interface

  • TargetLink 2.2 simplifies connection to the Requirements Management Interface of the Simulink Verification & Validation Toolbox to link TargetLink blocks with requirements.

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