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SPI Master for Simulink® and Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1) from dSPACE

For connecting different serial interfaces and protocols to dSPACE systems

June 22, 2010: The Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1) is dSPACE's interface box for connecting different serial interfaces and protocols to dSPACE systems. In addition to the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Slave Solution, dSPACE now offers an SPI master implementation based on the PGI interface box and a dedicated Simulink® blockset. The new solution offers four SPI master interfaces, allowing communication with up to 16 SPI slaves. Communication parameters can be configured directly in Simulink by means of the blockset, and a wide range of applications is supported off-the-shelf. For example, control engineers can now flexibly integrate automotive sensors in the functional model and connect them with dSPACE rapid prototyping platforms. The SPI Master Solution fully supports the model-based design approach with MATLAB®/Simulink and is compatible with the dSPACE real-time platforms DS1005, DS1006 and MicroAutoBox.

Product Information