Test Benches with Motion Platforms

Testing ECUs with integrated sensors

dSPACE test benches can be equipped with motion platforms to stimulate sensors and actuators that cannot be accessed otherwise.

Key Benefits

Test benches can also include a motion platform for electronic control units (ECUs) to stimulate the ECU’s integrated sensors and actuators. These systems allow for the stimulation of acceleration sensors and yaw rate sensors that cannot be accessed otherwise.

A dSPACE SCALEXIO system can provide additional physical variables from the environment simulation and simulate any missing components.

A typical use case for test benches with 3-D motion platforms is testing sensor clusters or ESP ECUs with integrated sensor clusters. The sensor cluster is mounted inside a 3-D motion platform so it can be rotated around three axes to simulate the motion of a vehicle.

Parameter Specification
  • Synchronous motor with integrated gear
Motor encoder
  • Absolute motor feedback system (multiturn)
Servo amplifier
  • KEBA ServoOne
Real-Time Interface
  • EtherCAT
Pitch and roll motion
  • Pitch motion: ±45° to simulate the longitudinal acceleration of the vehicle
  • Roll motion: ±45° to simulate the lateral acceleration of the vehicle
  • Rotating speed: 180°/s
  • Dynamics: ±1° at 5 Hz
Rotary motion
  • Rotating motion: Unlimited, to simulate the yaw rate of the vehicle
  • Rotating speed: 180°/s
  • Dynamics: ±1° at 2 Hz

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