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Use Case: Robotics

Use case for the DS1103 PPC Controller Board


Rapid Control Prototyping in Robotics

The DS1103 provides six digital incremental encoder interfaces. This is sufficient to pick up all the movements of a six-joint robot. Thus, this cost-effective single-board hardware makes it possible to perform rapid control prototyping in robotics.

Easy Handling

In this example, the controller board replaces the position controller. The easy programmability of the DS1103 lets you implement and test different control algorithms very quickly, which reduces design iteration times to a minimum. The prototyping hardware allows easy parameter changing and modification, without any hardware setup changes.

Calculating Values

The real-time system picks up the robot's six incremental encoder signals to determine the current robot position. Then this data is compared with the reference values. Afterwards, the DS1103 calculates the control algorithm and sends the controller output – for example, data on positions and velocities – back to the robot.

Further Processing Potential

All reference values are calculated in real-time, even for inverse kinematics with highly nonlinear functions. External sensors such as axis-force momentum sensors can be included. Performing trajectory planning and advanced algorithms for collision avoidance is also very convenient with the DS1103 PPC Controller Board.

Benefits for Various Applications

With its versatile features, the DS1103 covers many fields of application. An integrated Infineon CAN microcontroller makes the board an attractive tool for automotive and automation applications.

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