DS6651 Multi-I/O Module

SCALEXIO FPGA I/O expansion for developing and testing highly dynamic control applications

The DS6651 provides high-performance I/O channels as a modular expansion of SCALEXIO FPGA base boards. Its channel set is ideally suited for highly dynamic control applications as well as for the high-fidelity simulation of electric drives and power electronics components.

The DS6651 offers high-performance I/O interfaces for FPGA-based applications that require fast and high-resolution signal processing, such as:

  • Electric drive applications
  • Power electronics applications
  • Hybrid vehicle applications
  • Energy technology applications
  • Protocol development

In addition to custom programmable FPGA solutions, dSPACE offers an easy-to-use tool chain for model-based FPGA development in Simulink.

Key Benefits

The DS6651 Multi-I/O Module provides flexible interfaces for different position sensors, voltage measurement and generation as well as multipurpose digital I/O. Its channel set is ideally suited for highly dynamic control applications as well as for the high-fidelity simulation of electric drives and power electronics components.

The DS2655 FPGA Base Board has been designed for applications that require very fast, high-resolution signal processing, for example:

  • Hybrid vehicle applications
  • Electric drive applications
  • Processor-based electric drive simulation
  • Power hardware-in-the-loop applications
  • FPGA-based electric drive simulation
  • Energy technology applications
  • Power electronics simulation
  • Electric motor control development
  • Protocol development

Each dSPACE FPGA board can be coupled with up to five DS6651 modules to adapt the system to almost any use case. The modeling environment, extensive libraries for interfacing position sensors, and high-precision simulation of engines and power electronics components support the user and make getting started easy.

Parameter Specification
  • 6 A/D channels, 6 D/A channels, 16 digital I/O channels
  • 1x 50-pin Sub-D connector
  • ±60 V overvoltage protection
Analog input
  • 6 channels
  • Input voltage ranges selectable for each channel: +/- 1 V, +/- 5 V, +/- 10 V or 60 V
  • ADC resolution: 16 bits
  • Sampling rate: 5 MS/s
  • Selectable load resistor: 220 Ω (for channels 5 and 6 only)
Analog output
  • 6 channels
  • Output voltage range: +/- 10 V
  • DAC resolution: 16 bits
  • Update rate: 10 MS/s
  • Selectable transformer (for channels 5 and 6 only)
Digital I/O
  • 16 ground-based digital I/O channels
    • Channels can be configured in pairs to full differential pairs
  • Time resolution: 8 ns
Digital I/O input (ground-based mode)
  • Maximum input voltage range: 0 ... 30 V
  • Threshold voltage: 0 ... 12 V
  • Input frequency: max. 25 MHz
Digital I/O output (ground-based mode)
  • Voltage range:
    • 3.3 V TTL/CMOS
    • 5 V TTL
  • Output modes:
    • High-side switch (+3.3 V or +5 V)
    • Low-side switch (GND)
    • Push/pull
  • Output frequency: 25 MHz (max. at 50% duty cycle)
Digital I/O RS485
  • Voltage range: RS485 levels
  • Bit rate: max. 16 Mbit/s
Sensor supply
  • 2x 5 V (max. 500 mA each)
Physical size
  • Requires 1 slot
  • 232 x 100 x 19 mm (9.2 x 3.9 x 0.7 in) without fastening bracket
Typical power consumption
  • 6 W

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