Power HIL Systems

Closing the gap between HIL and dynamometer testing

dSPACE offers ready-to-use solutions for testing controllers and power electronics throughout the complete range of electric vehicle components. These solutions are specifically tailored for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at the power level. 

By combining the flexibility of proven HIL technologies with the test depth of mechanical dynamometers and road tests, power HIL (PHIL) systems from dSPACE bridge the gap between signal HIL testing and testing on dynamometers or in prototype vehicles. The PHIL test system behaves like a digital twin of the real system – with one decisive advantage: It can be configured with just a few clicks, which significantly reduces setup times. For this purpose, dSPACE offers various open Simulink®/Xilinx® models for processor-based and FPGA-based simulation. The XSG Electric Components Library from dSPACE includes motor and encoder models for FPGA-based simulation. A battery model is included in the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) tool suite. Combining these models allows for the simulation of complete electric powertrains. 

Key Benefits

  • Early testing by frontloading the tests to an early development phase, e.g., inverter tests without a real motor
  • Easy configuration of different motor types using plant models, eliminating the need for hardware changes
  • Easy testing of the control limits by adjusting the relevant motor parameters, such as inductance, resistance, and flux, during simulation
  • Manipulation of feedback signals, such as the position sensor offset angle, during simulation
  • Easy installation thanks to the lighter weight and smaller dimensions compared to mechanical test benches
  • Reduced risk for the user and the equipment thanks to virtualization (no moving parts)
  • Enhanced simulation possibilities, e.g., simulation of electrical faults
  • True-to-life simulation without mechanical limitations, e.g., simulation of mechanical blocking

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems with high-voltage electronic load modules from dSPACE provide highly dynamic emulation of electric motor, battery, and grid components with several megawatts of power and ECU voltages of up to 1,250 V. Virtual testing with these power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) systems eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming motor prototype production. All components of hybrid and fully electric drives can be represented with the real energy flow. These high-voltage PHIL capabilities make dSPACE a unique provider of single-source, ready-to-use simulation solutions for the complete range of electric vehicle drives. dSPACE has years of experience in power hardware-in-the-loop testing: The high-voltage approach is similar to our smaller systems based on the DS5380 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Module and the DS5381 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Unit, which are suited for emulating and testing ECUs with low voltages of up to 30 V and up to 60 V, respectively.


Typical applications for the dSPACE power HIL systems are dynamic tests at the power level of:

  • Solar and wind inverters
  • Charging stations and onboard chargers
  • Traction inverters
  • Auxiliary drive systems
  • Mild hybrid drives
  • Electric power steering (EPS) systems
  • Brake-by-wire applications
  • Electric aircraft propulsion
  • Electromechanical aircraft actuation systems
  • Industrial drives


These applications can be used in a variety of test scenarios:

  • Functional tests
  • Load tests
  • Test of controller robustness
  • Test of critical operation conditions
  • Conformance tests according to LV123 and ISO/DIS 21498 

High-Voltage Testing

High-voltage emulation of e-mobility components – ideally suited for testing electric motor controllers, including power electronics (voltage range: up to 1,250 V)

Low-Voltage Testing

Low-voltage emulation of e-mobility components – typical test application areas include electric power steering (EPS) systems, starter and generator systems, two-wheelers, secondary drives, and mild hybrid drives

  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Product Information, PDF, English, 8510 KB
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