Data Storage

GUI Vehicles

For data logging use cases the AUTERA AutoBox can be extended by a dedicated high-performance and high-capacity storage solution, the AUTERA Data Storage Unit in combination with AUTERA SSDs. The AUTERA SSD is available with a memory capacity of 16 TB (32 TB planned) and can achieve a sustained bandwidth of up to 25 Gbit/s. Furthermore, it can be easily hot-swapped during operation without specialized know-how. Up to two AUTERA SSDs can be operated in parallel on each AUTERA AutoBox to double bandwidth (up to 50 Gbit/s per system) and storage (32 TB/64 TB in the future) space. In addition, multiple AUTERA systems can be operated synchronously to scale the memory size and bandwidth as required.

Components for data storage:

  • AUTERA Data Storage Unit (DSU), which includes the hardware RAID controller and the mechanical mounting for the AUTERA SSD
  • AUTERA SSD available with 16 TB memory capacity. A version with 32 TB is planned


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