AUTERA Sensor Data Interface (SDI)

Universal and modular interface for camera raw data

Huge data volumes are indispensable, both for the development of autonomous driving functions including classic prototyping and for assistance from artificial intelligence.  For both approaches, raw data is required, which is generated by recording real drives.  dSPACE provides the AUTERA AutoBox for this.  AUTERA SDI extends the options for the transmission and recording of camera data.

Application Fields

AUTERA SDI transmits raw data between the various system components:


  • taps into the connection between cameras and an ECU and sends the sensor data simultaneously both to the ECU and to the data logger.
  • transmits the raw data from the cameras directly to a prototyping system, so that algorithms can be directly developed with real sensor data.
  • sends sensor data directly to an ECU. It does not matter if the data is recorded or synthetically generated.


AUTERA SDI transmits large volumes of data quickly and at the lowest latencies, whether it is for data recording, prototyping, or data retrieval.  To achieve this, we rely on a very powerful hardware platform with a central processing unit (CPU) and an FPGA, which processes the raw data and passes it on via Ethernet.  2 x 10 GB Ethernet connections guarantee the high data throughput. Via an SFP+ interface, the customer has the choice between a copper or fiber-optic connection.

To guarantee the high flexibility of AUTERA SDI, we use interchangeable interface cards. 

The interfaces consist of serializers (Ser) and deserializers (Des), of which various types are available from different suppliers. dSPACE offers cards with up to eight interfaces in a range of configurations with various input and output ports. 

dSPACE develops these cards on request according to customer specifications.  The internal connection of the interface cards, the connection of other sensor types is also possible.  Customer IPs, e.g., for compression algorithms, can also be integrated.

A robust, vehicle-compatible casing of CNC-machined aluminum and a large working temperature range (-20 ... +70 °C/ -4 ... +158 °F) guarantee use in real traffic conditions.

The configuration can take place via a platform-independent web interface. 

For data logging, we use the open ASAM-Capture-Model (CMP) standard, which was developed for the automobile industry and is in widespread use. dSPACE is also actively working on its development. As an open standard, the protocol enables simple adjustment of customer-specific protocols and systems.  Furthermore, dSPACE offers an RTMaps component for a fast start-up of the AUTERA SDI together with Intempora RTMaps, for example, using an AUTERA AutoBox.

2x 10Gb Ethernet data streaming interface
1x RJ45 + 1x SFP+ (copper/fiber)
1x 1Gb Ethernet configuration interface (used for gPTP time synchronization conforming to IEEE 802.1AS)
8 MIPI CSI-2 ports (internal), up to 80Gbps in total
Size: 66 x 98 x 215 mm (2.6 x 3.8 x 8.5 inches)
  • CNC-machined aluminum enclosure
  • Shock- and vibration tested
  • Following automotive standards
  • Different mounting options for limited-space conditions
Ambient temperature: -20 °C…+70 °C (-4 °F…158 °F)
In-vehicle power supply: 10 V…15 V
Under load: ~ 15 W, standby: 0.5 W

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