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New SYNECT Version 1.5

Published: January 06, 2015

With the new version 1.5 of its data management software SYNECT, dSPACE provides many new functions and possibilities in all SYNECT modules and for all users.
  • Users of SYNECT Test Management now have comprehensive possibilities to parameterize test cases. These possibilities can, for example, be used to parameterize test cases for testing different variant configurations. Furthermore SYNECT now also supports the assignment of planned executions and their fully automatic start and execution on a HIL test bench or test PC.
  • Signal and parameter management has also been improved. Different parameterizations can now be easily managed as parameter sets. Thanks to the explicit specification and evaluation of variant dependencies for single parameters and parameter sets, SYNECT Signal & Parameter Management provides valuable support for users who have to work with a large number of parameter variants.
  • SYNECT Model Management gives users new possibilities to reuse and organize models in libraries. In combination with different user and access rights, this makes distributed work with models even more flexible. Model variants can now also be categorized according to SYNECT variant models and linked to other elements, such as test cases.
Overall, SYNECT 1.5 offers new and enhanced APIs for integrating SYNECT into existing tool chains and for transferring initial data to SYNECT. These interfaces can be used for connecting test tools, for in-house test environments and for any test description format. They can also be used to support any kind of signal, parameter, or variable description format, for analyzing and importing a wide variety of model formats and for flexibly integrating proprietary requirement formats and requirement management tools.
Further new functions such as URLs for external access to SYNECT objects and an improved integration of version control systems which link data from external files to the data managed in SYNECT are available.

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