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SYNECT 2.2: Highly Efficient Test Planning, Preparation and Execution

Published: December 01, 2016

With SYNECT 2.2, the latest version of dSPACE’s data management software, test managers and test engineers benefit from a range of new features for planning, executing and post-processing tests, for example, for hardware-in-the-loop HIL), software-in-the-loop (SIL), processor-in-the-loop (PIL), and model-in-the-loop (MIL) tests.

It is now possible to set global parameters for planned test executions and thus extend the automatic and dynamic test parameterization of single test cases, for example, for one or more selected variants of a test item. For even better traceability, the items to be tested within a test project, and the available test environments can be directly assigned to planned test executions. This way, users can easily and automatically track for and on what test system a test has been executed.

When using SYNECT Test Management in combination with the well-established and integrated HIL workflow management, all necessary steps for test preparation, execution and evaluation can be fully automated, making HIL testing even more efficient. By using workflows that are provided centrally and have to be defined only once, test engineers are able to automate the required setup of the HIL system and connected host PC and reuse it for different test runs, for example. In addition, time-consuming test postprocessing tasks, such as manually checking in test reports and measuring data in configuration management systems, can be automated by using workflows.

SYNECT 2.2 also offers new features for managing signals, parameters and models, especially focusing on supporting TargetLink users. You can find details on the efficient modular and distributed development with TargetLink and SYNECT here.

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