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Real-Time Simulation of Electrical Circuits

October 9, 2014: The new simulation model library Power RealTime Library boosts the performance of the real-time calculation of electrical models developed in SimPowerSystems (MATLAB®/Simulink®). The Power RealTime Library not only offers a powerful real-time simulation of SimPowerSystems models on the dSPACE platforms, it is also a tool that conveniently handles real-time code generation and provides interfaces optimized for dSPACE I/O boards. The library contains mean value models for power electronics bridge circuits used for motor drive applications. These models precisely emulate the switching of power semiconductor devices such as IGBT, MOSFET, etc. Simulation speed is increased by pre-calculation of model states and optimized model distribution across several computational nodes. Library functions for easy integration of models in asynchronous rasters avoid interference effects.
The library can be used to develop automotive systems such as mild or full hybrid drives, electric brake systems, drivetrain actuators, electric power steering (EPS), auxiliary units (oil and water pump), etc. The library can also be used for the development of energy, motor drives, and automation technology. 

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