Realistic Radar Sensor Tests

Published: June 13, 2018

Stimulating radar sensors in closed-loop hardware-in-the-loop tests by feeding in sensor raw data

Systems for autonomous driving use a range of environment sensors, including cameras and radar sensors, to detect the vehicle environment. Testing this type of scenario in a laboratory HIL setup requires a realistic stimulation of the sensors. dSPACE is currently working on a solution for the dSPACE Environment Sensor Unit (ESI Unit), which already makes testing possible for cameras, to also enable the stimulation of radar sensors. The radar raw data that is to be fed in is created with the Automotive Simulation Model (ASM) tool suite and the 3-D animation software MotionDesk. The basis for the solution is a real-time-capable raytracing simulation in MotionDesk, which is able to quickly identify the transmission path between the sender and receiver. The Environment Sensor Interface Unit is adjusted to the specific radar sensor by means of a dedicated plug-on device (ESI-POD).

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