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dSPACE TargetLink 3.5: A Proven Tool Progresses

  • Transparency by modeling with enum data types
  • Multiple instantiation of AUTOSAR software components
  • Easier rollout in large work groups
Paderborn, January 16, 2014: Just released is Version 3.5 of dSPACE's production code generator TargetLink, now with support for Simulink® enum data types. Enum data types allow software developers to use descriptive names for parameters, which improves model readability and maintainability. For AUTOSAR-compliant development, the new release supports AUTOSAR Version 4.1.1. ECU resources and test efforts can be saved by generating multi-instantiable software components. TargetLink 3.5 keeps installation files and project-specific extensions clearly separated. This not only provides increased process safety and transparency, but it also facilitates work in large, distributed groups. The new code generation report makes it easier to find erroneous specifications, and to inspect warnings and notifications. Further enhancements – especially to code efficiency, support of model variants, and usability – round off this TargetLink release.
About TargetLink
TargetLink, dSPACE's production code generator, generates highly efficient C code directly from Simulink/Stateflow models. It supports efficient, modular development and is ISO 26262- and IEC 61508-certified. Since its launch in 1999, TargetLink has been used in countless production projects all over the world. TargetLink’s outstanding qualities include its success in safety critical applications across industries, high reliability, development process integration, and support of standards such as AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, DO 178, ASAM MCD-2 MC (ASAP2), MISRA and OSEK.

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