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Exchanging Data with Confidence: dSPACE SystemDesk

  • Totally reliable data exchange
  • Integrated system model validation
  • Convenient system modeling
Paderborn, October 8, 2013: A new version of the software architecture tool SystemDesk 4.1 ensures completely reliable and convenient hand-offs between OEMs and suppliers who develop embedded software and systems for electronic control units (ECUs) according to AUTOSAR. Integrated validation rules guarantee that data is exchanged smoothly between the different work groups and the various tools used to develop ECU software.
Smooth Data Exchange with Other Tools
In addition to its general validation rules for software architecture, SystemDesk also has special rules to enable easy, error-free exchange of data with the automatic code generation tool TargetLink during function development and with EB tresos to configure the basic software of an ECU. And users who need to export software architecture model data for processing in other tools can define their own rules to ensure error-free interaction with their existing software tool chains.
Integrated System Model Validation
SystemDesk 4.1 features predefined rules for validating an ECU system model for data exchange between work groups and with downstream development tools. The validation process works with push-button ease to ensure that the modeled AUTOSAR elements are complete and consistent. By using this feature, teams that exchange data, such as OEMs and suppliers, can now have complete confidence in the process.
Convenient System Modeling
System modeling with SystemDesk 4.1 is based on AUTOSAR 4. It covers everything from creating the software architecture and the ECU topology to integrating the network communication. It also gives users the best possible support – with clearly organized diagrams, convenient configuration dialogs, and options for the complete automation of all modeling steps.

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