ControlDesk 7.0

Published: June 04, 2019

Ethernet bus monitoring and support of new technologies

ControlDesk Version 7.0, the dSPACE experiment and visualization software, includes new Ethernet bus monitoring functions, support for new SCALEXIO FPGA boards, and extended ECU diagnostics capabilities.

ControlDesk 7.0 supports Wireshark plug-ins for decoding in the Ethernet monitoring of the Bus Navigator. In addition, signals from UDP Ethernet PDUs can now easily be instrumented and measured on layouts using the Ethernet Bus Monitoring Device.

ControlDesk 7.0 supports two new FPGA boards for SCALEXIO. These are the DS6601 FPGA Base Board and the DS6602 FPGA Base Board.

Version 7.0 of ControlDesk also offers support for CAN FD buses in addition to CAN support for ECU diagnostics.

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