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MotionDesk 4.1

Published: January 12, 2018

Advanced lighting technology

Version 4.1 of the 3-D visualization software MotionDesk offers an improved display of lighting effects, which allows for a more realistic visualization of environments and additional test scenarios, such as night drives. It is now possible to individually adjust the shape, the color, and the intensity of all light sources included in the model, such as headlights, street lights, or the ambient light. The sun can be positioned by MotionDesk based on a simple ephemeris model, which lets the user simulate changing lighting conditions. The ambient light and all shadows dynamically change depending on the selected values for the light sources. Night drives can also be simulated without problems, which is beneficial for developing adaptive front lighting systems (AFS). To test real headlights in real time, various headlight variants can be modeled simply by loading different luminance distributions. 

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