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dSPACE Release 2017-B (January 2018)


Automotive Simulation Models 9.0

New road sign sensor, dual clutch transmission, and more.

AutomationDesk 5.5

XIL Framework support for convenient and safe test automation.

ConfigurationDesk 6.0

Optimized, task-specific user interface and closer interaction with Simulink®.

ControlDesk 6.2

Ethernet monitoring, new instrumentation options, and more.

MotionDesk 4.1

Advanced lighting technology.


Graphical system model integration.

SystemDesk 5.0

Flexibly generating virtual ECUs with basic software.

TargetLink 4.3

Large models completely under control.


Modern help system.

New Licensing of dSPACE Software

With Release 2017-B, dSPACE has modernized its technology for software licensing.

List of all new functionalities of Release 2017-B