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dSPACE Release 2016-A
(Released in May 2016)

dSPACE Release 2016-A adds numerous new functionalities to several dSPACE tools. Here's an overview of the most important innovations:

Exclusive Support for Windows 7 64-Bit

As of dSPACE Release 2016-A, dSPACE software no longer supports the 32-bit variants of the Windows 7 operating system. It only supports the 64-bit variants.

Automotive Simulation Models 8.2

Lane detection for automated driving and optimized combustion engine simulation

Bus Manager 5.5

Support for VEOS

ControlDesk 5.6

Even broader bus support, improved instrumentation, and much more

MotionDesk 3.8

Improvements for testing ADAS scenarios

List of all new functionalities of Release 2016-A:

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