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VEOS 3.2: Support for AUTOSAR Version 4.1.2 and Functional Mock-up Interface

June 5, 2014: In Version 3.2 of VEOS, dSPACE's PC-based simulation platform, support for AUTOSAR has been extended to include AUTOSAR Version 4.1.2. This means that virtual ECUs and ECU networks based on AUTOSAR R4 and R3 can now be used together for early tests. VEOS 3.2 also supports Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI, so that plant models from different modeling tools and plant models from Simulink can be used together in one scenario.

In addition, several Simulink and FMI plant models can be used simultaneously with this new VEOS version. Submodels, including ones created with different Simulink versions, can be connected in VEOS and used for a simulation scenario. Finally, several virtual ECUs can be simulated at once. All this adds up to an enormous number of new simulation options in VEOS.     

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