Learning Connection Video: Lifecycle Traceability with SYNECT and codebeamer

Date: April 8, 2021

In this video, Intland and dSPACE demonstrate the direct integration of codebeamer in SYNECT. codebeamer and SYNECT users benefit from end-to-end traceability and a convenient way to plan and automate SIL and HIL validation tasks.

Presenters:  Claudia Hollmann, Product Manager SYNECT, Daniel Jaikumar, Partner and Customer Success Manager

Automating the verification and validation of ECU and other embedded software can be challenging and therefore requires advanced tooling. dSPACE and Intland invite you to a free webinar on achieving end-to-end traceability in embedded development with the combination of codeBeamer ALM and SYNECT.

With this end-to-end tool combination, codeBeamer users benefit from a straightforward way to include HIL and SIL testing in their overall testing strategy and to establish full traceability from requirements and tests to individual test runs. SYNECT users benefit from direct access to test specifications and requirements in codeBeamer ALM, enabling them to create and plan highly automated HIL and SIL tests. Testers working with this integrated solution benefit from SYNECT's broad support of HIL and SIL test tools and its sophisticated automation capabilities for preparing the simulation system.

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