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Cooperation Partners

(alphabetical order)

AbsInt develops tools for validating, verifying and certifying safety-critical embedded software. These static analysis tools use abstract interpretation for computation and guarantee reliable results that are valid for every program run and any possible input scenario. In cooperation with dSPACE, AbsInt has developed tool integration between TargetLink and the AbsInt tools Astrée (run-time error analysis), StackAnalyzer (stack analysis) and aiT WCET Analyzer (worst-case execution time analysis). This means that run-time errors, stack overflows and timing errors can be detected from within a TargetLink model, considerably improving the analysis results and keeping false alarms to a minimum. Qualification Support Kits are available for the AbsInt tools to allow tool qualification according to current safety standards.

AbsInt is a TargetLink Partner.

AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the computing, communications, and consumer electronics markets. Products include microprocessors, flash memory devices, and silicon solutions for communications and networking applications. AMD’s Opteron™ 64-bit server processor technology was integrated on dSPACE hardware (DS1006 Processor Board).

BTC Embedded Systems AG provides products and services for the formal verification, validation, and automated testing of embedded systems. BTC products considerably reduce the time and effort needed for testing and validating embedded systems and, at the same time, significantly increase quality. BTC EmbeddedTester® is a certified and highly integrated solution for testing Simulink®/TargetLink models and production code. This includes not only requirements-based testing but also the automatic test case generation for automated back-to-back testing. BTC EmbeddedSpecifier® and BTC EmbeddedValidator® let users intuitively specify formal, safety-critical requirements, and allow for automatic and complete formal verification of the TargetLink autocode. In combination with the dSPACE RTT Observer Library, BTC EmbeddedSpecifier allows for simulation-based formal verification, which notably increases the test depth and test coverage, especially for safety-critical systems, during HIL testing or virtual validation.

BTC is a TargetLink Strategic Partner.

Elektrobit (EB) Automotive offers software solutions for vehicle infotainment, electronic control devices (ECUs) and driver assistance systems.
The product line EB tresos® delivers basic AUTOSAR-compliant software, operating systems, and the associated tools for configuration and code generation. EB tresos® also provides support for applying ISO 26262 up to ASIL-D/SIL 3. The goal of the cooperation between EB and dSPACE is to offer an optimal tool chain  – dSPACE TargetLink, dSPACE SystemDesk, and EB tresos® Studio – for developing the newest ECU software according to the AUTOSAR architecture.
In the field of driver assistance systems (ADAS), Elektrobit and dSPACE cooperate in the area of developing and testing map-based driver assistance systems. Using the ADASIS v2 Protocol, dSPACE offers the ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset for Simulink. The EB Assist ADASISv2 Reconstructor by Elektrobit is integrated in this blockset.

Emerge-Engineering specializes in the model-based software development of motor controls for the field-oriented control of BLDC motors. The Motor-Control Education Kit (MEDKit) from Emerge-Engineering is a microcontroller-based training platform that is specially designed for the integrated teaching of C programming, model-based software development and automatic code generation with TargetLink. The MEDKit supports the teaching of embedded programming and uses TargetLink to generate real-time-capable low-level functions and also complex controller functions.

Emerge-Engineering is a TargetLink Partner.

Freescale is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductors for the automotive industry. Freescale and dSPACE cooperate on developing software modules for TargetLink, dSPACE’s autocoder. This enables dSPACE to offer optimization and simulation modules as soon as Freescale launches a new processor. In addition, TargetLink also supports Freescale’s real-time operating system, OSEKturbo.

Infineon Technologies is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.
Infineon and dSPACE cooperate on the development of TargetLink optimization and simulation modules for various Infineon processors. The TriCore, XC2000 and C16x processors are currently supported.

Intempora was founded in 2000 based on research performed at the Center of Robotics of École des Mines de Paris (now Mines ParisTech). Since then, the company’s team of software engineers has been working on the development of RTMaps and related products, turning them into a robust and easy-to-use software framework and meeting the needs of demanding customers from the industry. Among others, Intempora is member of the Groupement ADAS, a team of members of the French Mov’eo cluster, which is dedicated to the field of advanced driver assistance systems.

KPIT is a leading technology solutions partner for global manufacturing corporations with special focus on automotive industry and business processes. KPIT’s expertise is spread across automotive subdomains such as AUTOSAR and in-vehicle networks, vehicle diagnostics, functional safety, infotainment, powertrain, chassis and driver assistance, and engineering design. KPIT helps its customers engineer advanced mobility solutions with integrated software, mechanical and electronic tools and processes, to deliver reduced timelines, costs and efforts.

KPIT’s (formerly In2Soft’s) diagnostic operating system (MCD-3D Runtime) is completely integrated into dSPACE’s ControlDesk via the standardized ASAM-MCD 3D automation interface.

MathWorks develops technical computing software for engineers and scientists in industry and education. An extensive family of products, based on MATLAB® and Simulink®, provides high-productivity tools for solving challenging mathematical, computational, and model-based technical problems. dSPACE and MathWorks cooperate successfully, and the two companies' products complement each other perfectly.

Model Engineering Solutions (MES) is a software consultant company for the model-based development of embedded software based on Simulink®, Stateflow® and TargetLink models. In addition to providing development services and quality management for model-based software components, MES develops and distributes the Model Examiner, a tool that automatically checks whether models comply with modeling guidelines. dSPACE and MES are cooperating on the further development of model checks for (MISRA-)TargetLink guidelines and AUTOSAR modeling guidelines. Model Engineering Solutions (MES) is a TargetLink Strategic Partner.

PikeTec develops the TPT test tool for testing embedded control systems. TPT is used to create test cases systematically by automata-based programming. The tests can react to system behavior during run time and are able to run on almost any test platform (such as Simulink®/TargetLink, MIL, SIL, PIL, C code, CAN and LIN, and also in real time on real-time platforms). After test execution, an extensive test evaluation is produced automatically, even covering complex scenarios. The test results are presented in a well-structured report. PikeTec also offers consulting and engineering services in the field of testing and quality assurance for embedded systems.

Pike Tec is a TargetLink Partner.

Reactive Systems, Inc. offers tools and services for embedded-software testing and validation. The company's Reactis® product line automates the validation of Simulink®/Stateflow® and TargetLink models, and the generation of comprehensive yet compact test data from them. The Reactis for C Plugin integrates with Reactis to offer white-box testing of C code portions of a model (S-functions and Stateflow custom code). dSPACE and Reactive Systems cooperate to ensure that Reactis and TargetLink work well together.

Reactive Systems, Inc. is a TargetLink Partner.

Schaeffler Engineering GmbH is an international supplier of mechatronic system engineering, specializing in vehicle powertrain, testing, in-vehicle measurement systems and NVH / vehicle acoustic optimization.

Schaeffler Engineering GmbH is a TargetLink Partner.

TASKING (Embedded Software Development from Altium) supplies highly optimizing C/C++ compilers and debuggers for a wide range of microcontrollers, including 8051, C166, ST10, XC16x, XC2xx, XE16x, TriCore, ARM, PowerPC, M16C, DSP56K, 68K, ColdFire and Nios II. RTOS/kernels based on standards such as Posix or OSEK, and TCP/IP stacks, are additionally available. TargetLink generates target-specific, optimized code for many compiler/processor combinations such as the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore as well as the classic C166/ST10 toolset and the XC2200 family (via the VX-toolset for C166/ST10). The TargetLink Target Optimization Modules make full use of the processor's and compiler's advantages, for example, by using compiler-specific language extensions and inline assembler language. This further increases the efficiency of the generated C code.

TASS is an innovative simulation software company with a strong R&D foundation through a close alliance with TNO. TASS offers the transport industry a complete product portfolio for the development of real-world safety systems.  From its headquarters in The Netherlands and offices around the world, TASS works closely with top vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to provide dedicated solutions to complex safety challenges. TASS and dSPACE have joined forces, integrating TASS’ PreScan and dSPACE’s Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) for designing and validating advanced driver assistance systems and active safety systems.


TESIS develops software and processes to optimize computer-aided work methods in product development. TESIS DYNAware offers high-performance models for hardware-in-the-loop simulation with dSPACE Simulator, such as engine models, vehicle dynamics models and hydraulics models.


VEMAC GmbH & Co.KG provides services and products for sectors such as test bench construction, software development, electronics development, piezo technology, rapid control prototyping and test bench examinations. The production code for VEMAC ECUs is generated by dSPACE TargetLink. VEMAC has developed the necessary interfaces in cooperation with dSPACE and supplies them to customers.