To accelerate the development of autonomous driving, dSPACE continued its strategic expansion in 2020 by acquiring Intempora, a company that has built up experience in advanced software solutions since the 2000s. The benefit for automotive customers: Versatile, powerful, and easy-to-use software tools for the development of autonomous driving which are seamlessly integrated with the dSPACE solution portfolio.

Intempora and dSPACE already had a long-standing strategic partnership, leading to the integration of Intempora software into several dSPACE solutions.

The real-time software expertise of Intempora focuses on developing versatile, collaborative, and easy-to-use software tools that improve the development efficiency of functions for autonomous driving, covering the entire development process of autonomous driving from prototyping, data logging, data enrichment, and data replay to scenario generation, validation, and more. The advanced Intempora software solutions are part of the integrated data-driven development solutions by dSPACE.

RTMaps – Real-time multisensor applications

RTMaps is a component-based development and execution tool that improves software development for multisensory applications such as robotics, ADAS, and autonomous driving.

IVS – Intempora Validation Suite

IVS is a cloud-based validation tool chain for the testing, training, and validation of advanced software functions, including perception and deep learning algorithms, against petabytes of recorded data in big-data architectures.


RTag is a live, manual tagging application for mobile devices that lets you manually annotate and monitor data recordings during a test drive. RTag is used in addition to RTMaps, which runs on the dSPACE AUTERA data logging and prototyping hardware.

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