Webinar: Commercial Vehicles - The Real Home for High-Level Autonomy

Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Time: Noon EDT


The realization that commercial vehicles and off-road equipment – not passenger vehicles – are the logical starting point for implementing higher levels of automation is setting in. Established routes along long stretches of highway, and easily geofenced areas such as ports and construction sites, lend themselves to testing and deploying autonomous technology in a safer, more-controlled environment.
In this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Truck & Off-Highway Engineering, experts discuss system validation and verification processes, the lessons learned from field testing of automated driving systems, and what still needs to be solved to truly reach widespread Level 4 and 5 operation in commercial-vehicle fleets.
Topics include:

  • Real-time and faster physics-based sensor simulation and validation of sensor systems for radar, LiDAR, and camera
  • Large-scale virtual cloud simulation for validation of ADAS/AV systems
  • Building a universal self-driving interface to enable autonomous trucks
  • The need for smart diagnostic features for a fail operational steering system
  • Verification and validation of smart diagnostic features
  • Managing the data: organization, data analytics, and cloud-based analysis
  • Driverless off-highway remote control use cases

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations.


Jace Allen, Director, ADAS/AD Engineering and Business Development, dSPACE Inc.

Jace Allen is a technical specialist in embedded software processes, model-based development (MBD), data management, and validation and verification systems. He has designed and managed hundreds of simulation/test and hardware-in-the-loop system implementations. Over the past 30+ years, he has handled many diverse modeling, controls, and simulation test applications in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aerospace areas. His background includes system and MBD product development for vehicle controls/testing, safety/security systems, and data management systems. He is a member of SAE, IEEE, AIAA, and INCOSE and has several patents in sensor technology.


Brandon Moak, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Embark

Brandon Moak is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Embark, a self-driving truck company founded in 2016. In his role, he leads engineering and R&D, with the mission of developing commercial self-driving truck technology. Brandon previously worked as a robotics engineer and a software developer at several technology companies. He is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo where he studied mechatronics engineering.


Ananda Pandy, Technical Specialist, ADAS and Autonomy, ZF 
Ananda Pandy is the Technical Specialist for ADAS and Autonomy at ZF, leading projects on next-generation advanced driver-assistance systems and higher levels of automation. Prior to this role, he held positions with increasing levels of responsibilities at WABCO, Bendix, and FCA, focusing on the product development and launch of active safety systems using camera, radar, and connectivity. Ananda also chairs the S.18 Automated Vehicles task force for TMC and the SAE COMVEC Total Vehicle Integration and Mechatronics Committee. He received his master’s degree in automotive systems engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering from the University of Madras. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Purdue University. Ananda has five patents in the field of ADAS and platooning. He is also the recipient of SAE’s Forest R. McFarland Award.

Thomas Tasky, Director, Intelligent Mobility & Software, FEV North America Inc.

Tom Tasky is Director of the Intelligent Mobility business unit at FEV North America, where he is responsible for ADAS/autonomous development, vehicle connectivity, systems engineering, functional safety, cyber security and embedded development for a wide range of industries and applications. Tom has more than 30 years of industry experience ranging from powertrain systems development, vehicle diagnostics and networking, as well as electrical systems development and integration for prototype and series production programs for gasoline, battery electric, hybrid and automated vehicles.

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