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Feb. 24-25, 2020, Hyatt Regency San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

Learn About dSPACE Data-Driven Development Solutions

dSPACE offers artificial-intelligence-assisted solutions for the data-driven development of autonomous vehicles. Stop by the dSPACE exhibit to learn how you can:

  • Achieve fast, time-correlated data logging
  • Fully automate the image anonymization process
  • Establish accurate, ground truth data annotation
  • Perform sensor-realistic simulations using physics-based simulation of camera, lidar and radar sensors
  • And much more!

About the Event

The Auto.AI is America’s first platform bringing together all stakeholders who play an active role in the machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, perception and cognitive vehicles scene. The event provides you with precise insights into new technical innovations and challenges regarding the integration of AI and machine learning based systems into Level 4 & 5 vehicles.

The 2.5 day event is a unique combination of inspirational keynotes, well-moderated, interactive World Cafés, Challenge your Peers sessions, a pre-event Machine Learning Workshop, Icebreakers and much more.

Auto.AI USA – the calendar event for...

…deep driving, machine learning, vision and imaging and sensor fusions executives.

Our mission:

  • Be an active part of the full automation and self-driving cars reality
  • Explore how AI, ML & CV will change technology concepts, architectures, software platforms, ADAS, and further technical requirements
  • Discuss the challenges of AI supported, cognitive cars with regards to hardware & software requirements
  • Discover latest trends in sensor and perception technology and gain insights into environmental models and sensor fusion concepts
  • Cover the full scope of deep driving in Level 4 & Level 5 from the market leaders and new market players
  • Approach new technical challenges and disruptive technologies which will lead to cognitive vehicles and Level 5 automated cars

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