Exhibition Highlights

Our virtual exhibition floor is fully packed with the latest state-of-the-art innovations from the fields of autonomous driving, e-mobility and our other core technologies.

In-Vehicle Prototyping

Experience and validate new AD-functionalities in real-environments

dSPACE provides dedicated solutions for fast and efficient function development of ADAS and AD systems, addressing all typical processing stages from sensing to actuation. To keep up with changing demands in the dynamic environment of ADAS/AD, a flexible and scalable system portfolio is available, which can be tailored to your requirements by means of I/O extension options or by time-synchronous coupling of different systems.

Data Logging

Fuelling data driven development​​​​​​​

Data driven development, verification and testing starts with efficient data logging. dSPACE supports its customers with a dedicated high performance product line and related services to accelerate the entire data flow originating at vehicle sensors. Everything from high performance hardware to flexible software to fitting services is tuned to shorten the data cycle and deliver the right data to the right people at the right time. 

Big Data Management

Harvest your sensor data ​​​​​​​

Data are the new oil but also the cost driver. Similar to crude oil data aren´t valuable in itself unless you can appropriately leverage them. Intempora and dSPACE provide the solution to manage sensor data and validate perception and deep learning algorithms against Petabytes of recorded and simulated driving situations. Only data utilized to increase safety of driving are data worth their costs!

Data Annotation

We Automate Annotations

The UAI automation engine for data annotation is a tooling designed to cut costs and to accelerate the training and validation of assisted & autonomous driving technology. From sensor data anonymization and labeling to the generation of  simulation scenarios, the AI-powered tooling completes the dSPACE solution suite for data driven development.   

Data Replay

Validate your perception!​​​​​​​

dSPACE's Data Replay solutions enables you to measure the quality of your perception and sensor fusion algorithms via synchronous reprocessing of recorded raw sensor and bus data, continuously benchmarking and validating new software versions  in the lab, as well as in the cloud using the proven dSPACE real-time technology.

Scenario Generation

Bringing realism to your simulation

understand.AI and dSPACE provide an AI-based solution for generating complex simulation scenarios from real world data to ensure realistic environment, traffic and sensor simulation enabling the test of critical scenarios. 

Automotive Simulation Models

End-to-end simulation ecosystem

Full vehicle and traffic simulation featuring ground truth sensors, intelligent driver models, integration of road networks and environments from HD maps, consistent support of standards, and open interfaces for execution in real time or faster.

Sensor-Realistic Simulation

Sensor-realistic simulation

Highly realistic camera images and ray tracing-based sensor models for Radar and Lidar - calculated in real-time. Use our validated sensor models to test and validate your algorithms.  

Real-Time Testing of High-Performance Computers

dSPACE HIL for Autonomous Driving

The dSPACE Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test system for AD, based on dSPACE’s SCALEXIO technology, is a modular and powerful platform for testing autonomous driving HPCs in closed-loop and open-loop simulation.

Radar Over-the-Air Testing

Radar sensors play an important role when it comes to integrating intelligent solutions for assisted and autonomous driving in vehicles. dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) can efficiently ensure the correct functioning of sensors and developed application software in different phases of the development, production and release process for sensors and vehicles as well as for aftermarket use.

Smart Charging Solution

Developing and testing intelligent charging technologies

Simulating different AC and DC charging stations and electric vehicle behavior according to national and international charging standards to ensure a reliable charging process, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communication and power transfer.

Motor Control Prototyping

Experience and validate new E-Mobility functionaities in real-environments

Whether you are working on control strategies for electric motors, power electronics, fuel cells, power grids, or smart charging systems, dSPACE prototyping systems help turn your ideas into reality with an easy-to-use, industry-proven tool chain. New processor- or FPGA-based control strategies are developed in a model-based-design environment like Simulink and can be directly tested in a real environment at the click of a button.

Power Electronics Simulation

Simulation of power electronics circuits developed with Simscape Electrical™

Real-time power electronics simulation enables the HIL simulation and tests of control units for various circuit topologies and applications, such as chargers, power management control units, DC/DC converters, renewable energy converters and smart grids.

Battery Management Testing

Shaping the future of battery technology

Modular, scalable systems with high-precision battery cell emulation for testing and validating battery management systems.

Fuel-Cell Testing

This exhibit is about testing fuel cell controllers. Get first insights in our portfolio for developing and testing your future fuel cell system control strategy. With our experience in modeling nowadays fuel cell systems, we are able to provide a scalable turn-key simulation solution for your software or hardware-in-the-loop test setups.

Advanced Motor Simulation

Latest FPGA technology for highest dynamics and precision

Simulation environment for testing electric machine controllers, supporting future mobility concepts that require perfectly tailored electric drives. Benefit from ready-to-use nonlinear multiphase motor models that support testing at the signal and power levels.

High Voltage Inverter Testing

High power HIL with maximum efficiency in a turn-key system

Modular and highly integrated high-voltage power hardware-in-the-loop system for testing and validating traction inverters, DC/DC converters, and onboard chargers.

Mechatronic Test Bench

Integrating real components into a HIL simulation

Benefit from mechatronic test benches that let you use real components in hardware-in-the-loop simulation and integrate ECUs that cannot be accessed by means of their electrical interfaces.

HIL Testing

HIL Testing

dSPACE provides the most comprehensive range of tools, solutions, and technology. The dSPACE products and services cover all test phases from function testing to ECU testing to network testing.

Rapid Prototyping

Bring your ideas to life with dSPACE Rapid Prototyping Systems

dSPACE rapid prototyping systems are flexible systems that help function developers worldwide bring ideas to life in a real environment, with real sensors and actuators, and in real time. The systems address the requirements of mechatronic control design as well as data-driven development in all automotive domains and in other industries, such as aerospace or robotics.

Bus & Network

Bus & Network Solutions

dSPACE provide a comprehensive tool chain for buses & networks in virtual validation, rapid control prototyping
and hardware-in-the-loop applications. Our solutions include hardware, network simulation software, visualizing and analyzing software.

Safety & Security

Developing Safe and Secure Systems 

Developing complex E/E systems in the automotive sector with ever more safety-critical functions, especially in the area of autonomous driving, raises the question of how to guarantee the reliability of the functions if real in-vehicle tests can no longer cover all conceivable risks. 

ECU & Sensor Interfacing

ECU & sensor interfacing

ECU & sensor interfacing comprises hard- and software for connecting ECUs, cameras and other sensors to development and test environments, such as dSPACE RCP-, HIL or data logging systems.


Mastering the challenges of future air mobility

From testing single embedded components to verification of integrated systems on aircraft level: Hardware and software solutions from dSPACE give aerospace engineers the tools they need to make their vision of greener, more sustainable, and safer air transportation a reality. 

Research & Education

Developing Controllers at Universities Using Tried-and-Tested, Industry-Standard Tools

dSPACE offers universities and research institutions flexible systems that provide all the options necessary for the model-based development of mechatronic controllers in an academic environment.

Software-in-the-Loop Testing

Software-in-the loop (SIL) Testing  
– dSPACE Solution for PC- and Cloud-based Simulation

Simulate and test your software functions or complete V-ECU networks on your PC or in the cloud without the “limits of real-time” (i.e., faster or slower than real-time and/or highly parallel). 

From classic automotive applications, such as powertrain or brake systems, to e-drive applications and functions for autonomous driving: you can significantly accelerate your software development process by testing and validating virtually.

For more information visit: https://www.dspace.com/en/inc/home/products/systems/sil_testing/tools-for-sil-testing.cfm

Production Software Development

From graphical development to high-performance production code

Production code generation directly from MATLAB®/Simulink®/ Stateflow® accelerates the development of modern electric drive applications.

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