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Paderborn überzeugt

Boost for the Business Location

“Paderborn überzeugt” (Paderborn has it all) is a special joint endeavor by business and local authorities, aimed at maintaining and enhancing Paderborn's attractiveness. Ten regional companies regularly contribute to the initiative financially and with staff volunteers. dSPACE has been deeply rooted in Paderborn ever since the company was founded 25 years ago and therefore also supports the campaign.

Paderborn is a city that stands for great diversity and a high standard of living. “Paderborn überzeugt” emphasizes the characteristics that make Paderborn so special.

  • Paderborn has the highest density of IT companies per capita in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Paderborn’s history spans over 1,200 years. It has been a diocese since 799 CE.
  • The average Paderborner is 39.3 years old, making Paderborn the youngest city in North-Rhine Westphalia. One reason for Paderborners' young average age is the number of students, which is around 15,000.
  • The city offers over 50 different types of sports, recreational activities both in the city center and outdoors, as well as has numerous clubs and festivities, such as the annual Libori festival.
  • Moreover, Paderborn offers multiple museums, galleries, and exhibitions as well as a theater and two cinemas.