RCP Systems for Multilevel Converters

Developing converter functions

The increasing use of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, inevitably leads to fluctuations in energy supply. To not overload the energy grid, control mechanisms for balancing these fluctuations are required. This is where multilevel converters come into play, as they control the amount of energy fed to the grid. They are also used when electric energy is transferred to the consumers over long distances, because long-distance power distribution requires energy grids with different line voltages.

Application Areas

  • Developing and validating controllers for multilevel converters
  • Developing control algorithms, e.g., for grid injections, solar and wind power inverters, charging stations, and power transmission between different power grids

Key Benefits

  • Very fast synchronous switching < 1µs
  • Modular, scalable systems, e.g., up to 420 switches
  • Systems can be adapted to any use case
  • Very high real-time performance with powerful processor and latest FPGA technology
  • Flexible system architecture

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