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Audio Playback Control Development

David Braun (Purdue University), 
Peter J. Schubert (Packer Engineering, Inc.), 
Lev Vitkin (Delphi Electronics & Safety), 
Company: Delphi Electronics & Safety, USA
Packer Engineering, Inc., USA
Purdue University, USA
Published: dSPACE NEWS 2007/3, Sep 2007

Audio playbacks are mechanisms that read data from a storage medium, such as CD digital audio, CD-R or MP3 disc, and produce commands and signals that an audio system turns into music. Playbacks are constantly changed to meet market demands, requiring the control software to be updated quickly and efficiently. A development team at Delphi demonstrated working units running production-ready code within 12 months by using model-based design and automatic production code generation with TargetLink from dSPACE.

Product Information