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We provide the tools and know-how to help you make the most of your AI-based solutions. Good models require good training data. Together with our partners, dSPACE offers all the tools and services required for your data pipeline. Gather new data with AUTERA and RTMaps, annotate the data with the UAI Annotator, and manage the data in IVS. This process goes hand in hand with our tools for creating arbitrary traffic situations, for example, by using Scenario Generation from Measurement, and finally for generating additional training data from these scenarios using the dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation.

Smart Data Logging

Fast, time-correlated logging of relevant data during real test drives with a variety of environmental sensors, such as camera, radar, or lidar as well as vehicle buses. Use AI to decide when to record which data.

IVS – Intempora Validation Suite

Centralize, store, filter, preview, post-process, analyze, and share your recorded data with IVS.

UAI Annotator

Enrich your raw sensor data with high quality 2-D and 3-D annotations. The better the annotations, the better your AI performance.

Scenario Generation from Measurement Data

Transform your recorded sensor data to an accurate and fully customizable simulation. Replay recorded situations or adapt them to your requirements.

Sensor-Realistic Simulation

Simulate your scenarios or generate entirely new scenes to create sensor-realistic data for training and testing your AI algorithms.

KI Data Tooling Project

dSPACE is tackling the challenges of training and validating AI-based functions in cooperation with 16 partners in a large collaborative project, KI Data Tooling (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - BMWi).

dSPACE Sensor Vehicle with a Rooftop Box

The new dSPACE sensor vehicle is hitting German roads constantly, letting us use the collected environment data in combination with AI to further develop dSPACE products.

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