The aerospace industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented transformation towards greener, more sustainable, and safer transportation. Disruptive technologies and concepts such as aircraft electrification, electric or hybrid propulsion, urban air mobility, unmanned aircraft systems, or autonomous flights offer new opportunities for both existing and new players in the aircraft manufacturing market. Efficient fuel and energy consumption, low noise emissions, an increased flight range, and economic efficiency are only a few of the challenges the industry has to meet.

In this context, the software installed in aircraft systems is growing significantly in size and complexity, for example in avionics or in the cabin. Furthermore, aircraft and system manufacturers must adhere to a variety of strict regulatory requirements defined by standards such as DO-160, DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754. Consequently, design, and  implementation as well as verification and validation at item, system, and aircraft levels becomes more challenging. This makes an efficient approach to these tasks essential to stay competitive.

Hardware and software from dSPACE gives aerospace engineers the tools they need to rise to these challenges. dSPACE tools play a vital role throughout the entire development process for electronic control systems, helping engineers make the vision for future air transportation a reality.

Test systems from dSPACE also support advanced use cases that require real-time simulation of multiple systems interacting with real components of the aircraft. The closed-loop environment provides an effective verification platform for embedded software, as well as integrated systems. This approach allows for performing efficient and automated integration tests 24 hours a day. In addition, the open and expandable architecture supports both small and large setups, depending on the application, thereby contributing to a flexible and cost-effective test environment that can be adapted to different test scenarios.

dSPACE systems offer multiple benefits for a wide variety of development activities in aerospace. The flexible and scalable test environment is perfectly suited for fully automated tests at every development stage. Typical use cases range from rapid control prototyping to software-in-the-loop simulation and hardware-in-the-loop simulation for single or networked systems. By providing a seamless and easy integration of simulation models, dSPACE products make it possible to frontload tests of aircraft components or systems to early development phases. With the support of a comprehensive workflow and easy test system configuration, even critical flight scenarios are fully reproducible in a safe laboratory environment for early testing on the ground.


dSPACE systems offer multiple benefits for a large variety of development activities in aerospace applications.

Use Cases

Typical uses cases from a wide range of aerospace development activities.

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