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University Campaigns: Exclusive Offers for Academia

For universities and academic research facilities, dSPACE offers attractive packages of its groundbreaking products for model-based development and mechatronic controls testing at special prices. The price of each package is much lower than the total for all its individual components.

The different hardware and software packages let universities introduce their students early on to the established dSPACE development environment, which has become a standard in large parts of industry. The state-of-the-art dSPACE tools also pave the way for university research to develop cutting-edge technologies.

dSPACE’s offers for universities can be divided into three categories:

Advanced Control Education (ACE) Kits: Combined Hardware and Software Packages for Developing and Testing Complex Control Systems

With the ACE Kits, dSPACE offers universities specifically combined packages of high-performance hardware and comprehensive software tools for developing and testing complex control systems in classrooms and research projects. They make it easy to visualize even the most complex open and closed loop controls, from the initial draft using block diagrams to the final online optimization of the controller in real time. To work with ACE Kits, you use easy-to-operate, intuitive Microsoft® Windows® tools that can transfer your Simulink® models to the dSPACE real-time hardware in seconds. Observing the effects that parameter changes have on your system’s behavior becomes as easy as child's play. 

ClassRoom Kits: Software Package Licenses for the Classroom

With the ClassRoom Kits, dSPACE offers universities high-quality software products in license packages at a greatly reduced price. This gives universities the cost-effectiveness to use these products in classes with 10 or more participants. From modeling software architectures (SystemDesk®), to generating production code (TargetLink®), up to performing virtual validation (VEOS), ClassRoom Kits model several steps of model-based development and control system testing. These steps are complemented by comprehensive simulation models.

Research Software Kits: Individual Software Licenses for Academic Research

The Research Software Kits include affordable single-workstation licenses for various software products. With these kits, dSPACE specifically aims at supporting university research. The Research Software Kits let scientists at universities also profit from the newest, most modern dSPACE software tools. The tools offer the same functionalities as the ClassRoom Kits, but with the additional capabilities to investigate and modify existing models and conduct research in software quality issues using the automatic code generator TargetLink.

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