Use Case: 24/7 Testing on Different Platforms

The Task

Test system booking and execution planning.

With the trend towards shorter development cycles and higher availability of software builds, the number of tests is continuously rising. This calls for an optimal utilization, i.e., 24/7 usage, of the HIL system to achieve the required test throughput. Furthermore, it is important to reduce the test load of the HIL systems by performing functional tests on SIL test platforms. 

The Challenge

  • Managing a large number of test executions on several  test platforms and systems
  •  Planning the availability of the HIL test systems
  •  Using tests seamlessly on HIL and SIL platforms 

The Solution

SYNECT optimizes the use of the available HIL systems.

SYNECT supports the planning and scheduling of test executions worldwide, allowing to distribute test executions globally. The teams stay informed about the test status and test system status with SYNECT’s test system booking and resource management. Test systems automatically start test executions at the scheduled time or as soon as they have the required capacity. Tests that can be reused on HIL and SIL platforms are generated in SYNECT by using the standardized XIL API and proper variable mapping (XIL mapping). This reduces HIL preparation and configuration time to a minimum with fully automated, reproducible, and reliable workflows managed in SYNECT. 

The Benefits

  • Maximized HIL utilization by enabling 24/7, overnight and weekend testing
  • Configuration and control of HIL and SIL test farms
  • Reduction of HIL downtime by introducing automated HIL preparation 

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