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Time-Correlated Data Recording During Real Test Drives

  • Time stamping, tagging, recording, and play back sensor and vehicle bus data using RTMaps
  • Support for dSPACE MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU (Sensor Processing Unit) or Embedded PC, as stand-alone system or integrated in MicroAutoBox II
  • Synchronized clocks on all platforms to precisely time correlate the recorded data
  • Fast data storing via SATA III interface on MicroAutoBox Embedded DSU with up to four 2.5” SSDs
  • Easy configuration of data logger via RTMaps on separate PC

The reliable 360° field detection, which is required for autonomous driving, is performed with a variety of different environmental sensors, such as a camera, radar, or lidar. Every second, these sensors generate high amounts of data, which must be stored safely during a test drive for future use. By using the MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU or Embedded PC in conjunction with the MicroAutoBox Embedded DSU, the heterogeneous sensor data can be stored in a time-correlated manner and with high data throughput on high-speed SSDs to be played back in the laboratory at a later stage.