Typical Setup of Prototyping Functions for ADAS and Automated Driving

  • Shock- and vibration-proof system portfolio for in-vehicle use
  • Scalable product portfolio from compact to modular systems to address SAE Levels 1 to 5
  • Open Linux-based software environments with ready-to-use functions, for example, RTMaps for developing perception and sensor fusion algorithms
  • Real-time systems for rapid prototyping applications and control function development in Simulink® or according to the AUTOSAR standard

No matter what kind of functions you intend to prototype, high-performance, robust, and scalable solutions from dSPACE will help you bring your applications for ADAS and automated driving to the market faster. For all relevant processing steps, including perception and sensor fusion and the development of driving functions, you will find compact and modular in-vehicle systems along with unparalleled block-based prototyping software addressing all SAE automation levels. The novel AUTERA modular system is designed to combine the highest possible computation power with a wide data bandwidth in a suitable form factor. AUTERA meets the prototyping requirements for the most demanding multi-sensor applications with a high number of environment sensors and makes it possible to log vast volumes of data during test drives to be replayed at a later stage or to train neural networks. Thanks to the several variants available, the compact MicroAutoBox product family with Embedded PC and MicroAutoBox III is a flexible and powerful solution for a wide range of applications in the field of assisted driving. It combines performance, comprehensive automotive I/O including bus and network support, and safety monitoring functions. It can be used in combination with the SCALEXIO AutoBox to provide a modular concept with many I/O, bus and network connections, and even programmable FPGA subsystems to allow for use-case-optimized system setups that require hardware acceleration.

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