Open-Loop HIL System for Testing Image Processing ECUs

  • RTMaps to play back and time-correlate video frames and CAN data as well as to compensate different delay times
  • dSPACE Environment Sensor Interface Unit to insert data into the image sensor output
  • dSPACE HIL system to interface the ECU and replay CAN data in real time without jitter
  • ControlDesk to monitor and analyze data and to remote-control RTMaps

Often there is a need to replay recorded data during test drives in the laboratory. It must be ensured that the heterogeneous data streams are reproduced time-coherently. In an open-loop test setup, RTMaps in conjunction with the Environment Sensor Interface Unit and a HIL system ensures realistic real-time stimulation of the device under test via a time-correlated and jitter-free transmission of video and vehicle bus data.     

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